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Simple, easy and affordable step towards protecting your personal data. Have peace of mind knowing that PrivacyDefence is watching over your data so you can carry on with your day with confidence.

Defend against identity fraudsters

Taking steps towards preventing identify theft is essential, and for just 30p per day you can have peace knowing the worlds largest information services company has you covered

Experian Assisted Restoration Service

Experian Assisted Restoration Service

Trading takes place on the Dark Web day and night, so we're here to assist and advise you whenever you need it around the clock

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

PrivacyDefence members will be notified when their data is found on the Dark Web, directly through their smartphone through the PrivacyDefence app

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Hello. I’m Jessica, your automated Virtual Assistant. I can answer many of your common privacy questions. How may I help you?